Satisfied Parents' Testimonials

"I surprised Oscar with the announcement that I had bought him a full version of Looney Tunes Phonics. His first reaction was a bit dour. He said he's already done "the reading thing" and he seemed underwhelmed. I pointed to the bookmark and reminded him of login info and proceeded to do a lesson myself. It wasn't long before he kicked me off his computer. Now, without a prompt, he is doing these lessons over just to get to the animations. When we observed him initiate a session he proclaimed "I already know this stuff! I am ONLY doing it for the cartoons!" This is evidence that your strategy is brilliant. He is loving it and is tolerating the lesson reviews for the entertainment rewards."

Robert Gregg, Parent
Chicago, IL

"Howard is doing well with the lessons. And it is helping me see where he needs even more help, which is good as I work with him quite a bit on my own.

He LOVED the Warner Bros lesson. Loved it. Now that I try to go back to the other lessons, he's not as interested and asks me "for the tv one." :) I'm normally able to get him to do one lesson at a time, but am sure, with the Warner Bros animation, he would sit for 2 lessons, maybe 3."

Aimee DeCastro, Parent

"We have found your program to surpass any other we have used (and we have used many)! My daughter has done well - and is retaining things as we progress - we are thrilled, because she feels successful!"

Darlene Kubik, Parent
Cincinnati, OH

"I home school my 5 year old son and this is the best program that I use. Thank you very much."

Dena Richardson, Homeschool Parent
Elba, AL

"We wanted to let you know that we are very impressed with the ClickN READ Phonics program. We started a client of ours on the program who has done just remarkably with it! We needed a program that started at the beginning with letter sounds and then built from there sequentially. (Our client is a 7 year old child who is deaf with a cochlear ear implant and did not have any reading skills.)"

"The most important aspect of your program is that the speech is slowed down which allowed our client to hear the letter sounds! He quickly learned and understood the connection of the letters and their sounds! He was then able to locate that same letter sound on the keyboard. He had been wanting to type on the keyboard and now is reinforcing his letter sounds using all modalities of learning which is incredible!"

"The rate of success is very rapid, the program is clear, concise, entertaining, with immediate feedback for his parents! You will he happy to know our client is now reading words and has the biggest smile on his face! This is the best program we have seen yet! We thank you for providing us with finally, just the right recipe!"

Staci Brown, Brain Works
Tampa, FL

"I just tossed Hooked On Phonics® in the good will box and we LOVE ClickN READ Phonics. I have recommended ClickN READ Phonics to my sons online kindergarten. It is a big public online school system in Pennsylvania and 8 other states."

Tammy Tomson, Parent
Mercer, PA

"I am a home schooler. That is why I love your program so much. My children love to do it. It is amazing to see how much they learn just from one short lesson a day. I am wondering if you are planning on doing something for math instruction as well. If you do and make it as wonderful as the reading program then I believe it will be one of the few programs out there that kids will actually enjoy doing and will learn. Thank you."

Stacy Ordakowski, Homeschool Parent
Clarkston, MI

"Many thanks for your great program! I am a homeschooling mother of a 9 year old with autism and thanks to ClickN READ Phonics she is finally learning how to read! It's very exciting to watch. She is up to lesson 23 and really enjoys the lessons. I don't know if you intended it, but because your program is so predictable and so controlled this makes it very good for someone with autism - they like sameness."

Helen Baxter, Homeschool Parent
Canberra, Australia

"My autistic boys love doing these sessions with ClickN READ Phonics and have learned a lot. They are home educated as there are no placements open to them, so to find something like this on the net is a big help to me. Many thanks!"

Mrs. Bailey, Parent
Devon, Great Britain

"I want to say that I am the Father of a 5 year old autistic child and was checking out the ClickN KIDS website to see what it was about. And on the website is lesson 15 and lesson 78 to tryout. I clicked on Lesson 15 and had my daughter with me to watch and see what she would do. When it got to the part where he was saying " Mat is a dog Sam is a dog Mat and Sam are dogs" She was watching and listening and then took off into the living room and repeated every word. (Word for Word ). Great job on her part and for ClickN KIDS."

Dana Brooks, Parent
North East, MD

"Thank you for your wonderful program. Your program keeps my son interested in learning and is helping him a great deal. Jonah was born with Down Syndrome. He is very smart and wants to learn. This makes him proud and feels well about himself with every new step. Jonah loves books and is reading well thanks to your program. I have been home schooling Jonah for the last two years. Thank God you have been blessed with the ability to teach children with disabilities to be able to learn to read which will help in their future. I am so proud of Jonah when we go out. He enjoys reading the signs above the stores and likes helping me by reading traffic signs. God bless You."

Violetta Davis, Homeschool Parent
Croton On Hudson, NY

"My son is 20 yrs old and has down syndrome. He has never been able to read more then a few site words. This program has unlocked the "decoding" secret for him. He is learning to read!! He is progressing nicely, and the best part is that he likes it. He actually requests for me to open the program so he can work on it. The animation between the lesson segments is entertaining for him too!"

Karen West,
Johnson City, TN

"I purchased this because I needed something to keep my 4 year old occupied while I teach my 13 year old. I only bought it for fun, but lo and behold, he is learning to read! I have let him navigate it independently and have not done any teaching with him in addition to what he gets through ClickN KIDS and he has started sounding out words. I am very impressed with the way this curriculum presents learning sounds and phonics. He can't wait to do "my school" every day and I'm not even a person who believes in doing anything formal until age 7 or 8. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!"

Meliea H.,
Homeschool Co-op Member

"We purchased ClickN READ Phonics a little over a month ago. My son is 5 and we are part of the K12 charter schools. They provide wonderful curriculum for Phonics but it was the one subject I just couldn't bear to teach. I thought it was boring and I am sure my attitude was reflected in my actions. I purchased ClickN READ Phonics to take over for me. It is wonderful!!! My son has learned so much from the program. The lessons are just the right length to hold his attention and teach him the lessons for that day.
If you dislike teaching phonics, as I did, purchase this product and let it do all of the repeating and sounding out for you."

Patricia W,
Homeschool Co-op Member

"Were thrilled with the progress our daughter in learning to read. The consistent feedback is amazing, I love knowing exactly when to repeat a lesson or keep going. We researched many and tried a few programs before finding this one. We needed something very specific to help with some special needs."

Jocelyn M.,
Homeschool Co-op Member

"My 5 year old started Kindergarten this year. In the beginning of the year, he started reading at a level A. By Christmas he was at a level B, but continued to struggle. I saw a commercial on Clink N Read and decided to try it out. I purchased the product and he did the lessons daily. Amazingly after 1 week (yes, 1 week), he was retested at school and is now at a level C!!!!!!
He is more confident and is excited about learning how to read. Thank you for this great product!"

Alicia Raskiewicz-Vargas,

"We love this product. I was struggling with teaching phonics to my 2nd grader and in the 2 months she has been using this her reading ability has sky rocketed. We have just started using this with my 5 year old son as well. My friend (who is also a homeschool mom) referred me to this program and I absolutely love it. I am trying to convince my husband to purchase the spelling portion as well."

Jennifer S,
Co-op Member

"We live in UK and as a homeschooling mother I was determined to help my daughter read at an early age. I found ClickN READ on the internet when my daughter was 2 and a half years old. She started using it when she was 2 years and 7 months old after she was able to use a mouse. She thought that the software is a game so she was going through the lessons without even realizing that she is actually learning. By the time she was 2 years and 11 months and she went through the first 10 lessons she started reading. Now she is 3 years and 4 months old and she has read on her own more than 20 phonics books. We are so proud with her and cannot thank you enough for developing such a great product in such an affordable price. I don't worry about teaching my son to read who is an year younger than my daughter. I know that ClickN READ is there, waiting for him and ready to open the door for him for the world of books. Thank you!"

Anna Alexandrova,
homeschooling mum, UK

"I must to tell you that without this amazing program, my child would not have made the great strides in reading she did during this school year. I adopted my daughter from India in the summer of 2007. She was 7.5 years old at the time. In India, she received minimal instruction in English, but she did not speak or read English well when she arrived in the United States. I was advised by the public school system in Santa Fe, New Mexico to put her in second grade - the grade level appropriate for her age. With reservations, I did so. Mid-way through the year, it was clear that she was not receiving the kind of individual instruction that was necessary to teach her phonics. She is now 9 years old. I had her repeat second grade this year, and thanks to your program, she has surpassed most of her classmates in reading (both oral and comprehension). Her ability to write and do dictations is remarkable, as well. It is truly a miracle. I was at the end of my rope when I found your website in January 2008. This program should be in EVERY school in the United States. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Kathleen Mariel,
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"My three-year-old daughter (three years and three months old) started reading when she was two, but she was memorizing the words and was unable to sound them out. So I decided it was time to introduce her to phonics before any bad habits became established. I happened across your website a month ago. I knew that for this price I could hardly buy a one-year homeschool reading program for my daughter (depending on the program, of course), so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! My daughter yells "Phonics!" enthusiastically every day, and I have to limit her to one lesson per day. One day I didn't let her do a lesson because she'd misbehaved, and she walked around for an hour saying "no phonics, no phonics, oh well" with a sigh. We have worked through 28 lessons so far and her reading has gotten a little smoother, a little faster, and now we occasionally hear her sounding out a word instead of guessing. I am thrilled with her progress. Thank you so much, and thank you for making it easy enough for my three year old."

Leah, Parent

"My 6 year old son absolutely loves ClickN READ. He was getting bored with the usual phonics instruction, so I tried ClickN READ. Not only is he excited to do the lessons each day but he is learning to read with no effort on my part. I can see how he is advancing during our reading time. He is becoming more fluent and confident everyday. I really like how the program is segmented in to lessons so I dont have to decide where to stop. And the lessons are just long enough to be challenging but not too long where they become boring. Great program!"

Britten Hottel,
Homeschool Co-op Member

"Click N Kids has turned our days around. We used to struggle each day to get through phonics. My son now wants to do phonics as long as it is Click N Kids. I highly recommend this program to anyone that who has a reluctant learner."

M. Winston,
Co-op Member

"My son has been struggling with reading. He is in grade two right now and there were days he did not what to even try. He just tells me he is dumb and cant do anything, I have been trying different things to make it more exciting for him all year. Then someone told me about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so I went on it to see what is was about and came across ClickN READ phonics, my son loves to go on it and knows alot of his sounds now and is more willing to try and sound out words. I was so thrilled with it I also just ordered the ClickN SPELL for him. He cant wait to get started on it. He loves the fact that it is animals on a space-ship. I am so much happier now and looking forward to next year. Boys learn differently than girls and this is fun and exciting for them. It goes to grade 5 I believe. Nice thing about it is that it is transferable. I would recommend it to anyone. Kids need a change from just book work and he does this on his own so I can help my other two. Even if you dont homeschool but your child is struggling help them by putting them on this program. Make them feel good about themselves."

Jacqueline P.,
homeschooling Co-op Member

"My first grader was struggling with reading. By using ClickN KIDS, she has been more excited about doing her schoolwork, and I have seen a huge improvement in her reading skills in just a few short weeks."

Homeschool Co-op Member

"I have tried several things to help my son learn to spell and nothing worked, until ClickN SPELL. He has made such great progress with spelling and we owe it all to this great program. Thank you!"

Karen B.,
Homeschool Co-op Member

"We absolutely LOVE ClickN KIDS Phonics! Our 8 year old son who is autistic is doing so well now with phonics and learning the foundations to reading thanks to this program. It has also refreshed our 6 year old in learning to identify words and has taught him how to use the keyboard. The boys think the dog in this program is hilarious and they think of it more as a "game" than a school lesson. I plan to use this program with all of our kids!"

Homeschool Co-op Member

"We use click n read with children with significant learning disabilities. The kids seem to enjoy it, we will continue to use it for a long time to come. If I feel that they have not gotten it I have them redo lessons."

Homeschool Co-op Member

"My boys, 5 and 7, love learning with ClickN KIDS! Both stuggle with focusing and ClickN KIDS keeps their focus and theyre learning a lot! Couldnt be happier. Thank you for a great product. They really do think of it as a computer game and beg me to do ClickN KIDS!"

J. Haggard,
Homeschool Co-op Member

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